Collection: Pre order Toddler blankets.

This collection is for Preorder toddler blankets, As the same as MCN you are able to preorder certain blankets that become available for me to preorder and off to you made and ready to go. 
these are limited. but a great addition to the house or pram.

Made from 100% polyester minky. Finished size is about 70cm x 85 cm Give or take 5cm each way. 
When purchasing these items you are agreeing to a NON refundable deposit. This allows me to purchase in the fabric. 
Your final invoice will be issued to your email via shopify once item is in final stages or ready to be shipped to you. 
You then have 7 days to pay with multiple reminders issued. 
If Final payment is not made your postage will be refunded and item listed as Retail. 


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Strawberries toddler blanket 50% deposit
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