Custom Listing for Tara porter 50% deposit

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NBC size 2 tshirt $32 
Size 2 harem pants $35 
Jumper/w panel $55 size 2 
jocks $12

size 2 tshirt $32 
Size 2 harem pants $35 
jocks $12

size 2 tshirt $32 
 Deposit 122.50

Total $245 

This is to secure a MCN When fabric arrives ON HAND
12 weeks from 12/06/2020. ETA Plus 2/3 weeks make time.
buy purchasing this item you agree to these terms and understand then fabric is being pre ordered. this listing is to secure a Clothing  when it arrives.
By Purchasing this deposit you are agreeing to a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. Rest of payment due on shipment which will be invoice to your Account email.