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Welcome and Thank you for visiting Kat's Creative Mcn's 
This little business started in September 2011, When my second boy was on his way, I decided to look in to cloth, Which then lead to me having a try at making to being asked by all to make to sell, so Kat's Creative Mcn's was born. 

Over the years Ive seen the market go up and down Busy times to quiet times. Ive kept at it to keep me busy, This year has seen us grow from a hobby business to a full time business (still of 1) Along with 4 boys in toe. 

My favourite nappy pattern came about as my now 8 year old was a whooping 4.4kg at birth and this boy just kept on grown, wow he was a chunker. The best fit we could find was sized and Side Snapping. So after using the Fattycake pattern ( back then super popular) to becoming a life time licensee of the Vogue pattern by Couture Cloth (no longer available). Then my 3rd boy arrived, He was tiny super tiny. Which led me to designing my own Side Snapping OSFM. I trailled this at home on my boy for 3 years and his brother who arrived inbetween testing, Both can still fit in the OSFM SS at 3 and 5yrs of age. 

I am super proud of my pattern and design. And the best part they are Handcrafted from quality products right here in County WA. 

2019 has brought a change to Kat's, Due to increased popularity, Preorders have come about. 50% deposit. This allows, purchasing of fabrics, guarantee of your new cloth, and High turn over of prints, (doing too many of the same feel factoryish)